5. ADR Type Approval Circuit

3.2 kilometres long, 7.6 metres wide, Hotmix surface.

Even grade 0.75%

Curves 125 metre radius 7% superelevation.

200 metre section to simulate wet road conditions

Compliant with Australian Design Rules

Designed for high Mu brake tests to:


  • ADR 31/04 Brake systems for passenger vehicles
  • ADR 35/06 Commercial vehicle brake systems



  • GB12676–2014 & GB/T13594-2003 Braking for vehicles & trailers



  • Global Technical Regulation No. 03 - Motorcycle brake systems



  • ECE R13.11 - Vehicles of categories M, N and O with regard to braking
  • ECER13-H-01 - Passenger cars with regard to braking
  • ECE R78.04 - Vehicles of categories L1, L2, L3, L4 and L5 with regard to braking
  • ECE R131 - Motor vehicles with regard to the Advanced Emergency Braking Systems (AEBS) 
  • ECE R139.00 - Passenger cars with regard to Brake Assist Systems (BAS)
  • ECE R 140.00 - Passenger cars with regard to Electronic Stability Control (ESC) Systems 

Technical Specifications

3.2km long by 7.6m wide
Hotmix surface
ADR, ECER & GB regulations compliant