7. Low Mu Basalt Tiles

Overall length 120 metres long.


  • 1st section 70 metres long x 4 metres wide
  • 2nd section 50 metres long x 8 metres wide

Co-efficient of friction of surface 0.3 Mu

Hotmix surface adjacent to tiled area to allow split use testing, both wet and dry

Suitable for use by cars for development of ABS, traction control systems and electronic stability program systems

Test for low Mu requirements for the following Regulations:

  • ADR 31/03 Brake systems for passenger vehicles
  • ECER13H, 13.09 & 13.10 - Braking
  • GB12676 & GB13594 - Braking for vehicles & trailers (China)

Approved by the UK’s Vehicle Certification Authority (VCA) for ECE Regulation 13.10, Annex 13, Appendix 4 and ECE Regulation 13H, Annex 6, Appendix 4.

Technical Specifications

120m long by 4m wide
0.3 Mu friction coefficient
Wet Surface & split use testing